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2006-09-07 08:38 pm

OOC: Link and Trivia

Some of it isn't relevant since this character has deviated from the canon character but still...

At least she now has a DOB.

Happy birthday, Renee.
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2006-03-02 04:21 pm

From "GC #29: Keystone Kops"

"A year and a half and nothing's changed, Dee. Nothing's changed. Except me."

Same Issue, Three Pages Before )
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2006-03-01 10:14 am

From "GC: Lights Out"

Background: The signal is coming down. Cris doesn't agree with Renee. He sees Batman as part of the problem. Renee wants him to understand things from her point of view. They're waiting together outside a courtroom.

"I've lost count of how many times he's saved my life, Cris. You don't understand, you didn't grow up here. I'm a cop because of that signal, you get it? I remember when they first switched it on. I was maybe seventeen, I was in my bedroom at my parents' apartment, it was late. I was trying to do homework, but I couldn't concentrate. There'd been this story in the news, how the water supply had been poisoned. Everyone in the city was scared. I looked out my window."